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Welcome to Shellotte Farms
We are located in Pall Mall, Tenn. between Big South Fork, Pickett State Park and Dale Hollow Lake. 
We bought "Trump" from 4-L farm in 2009 and started looking for brush goat does to breed him to. We later bought a few registered Kiko does. We now raise New Zealand, Purebred, Percentage and crossbreds.
We offer quality breeding stock at a reasonable price. 
We own goats with all registries, so if you are looking for a specific registry just let us know.
All of our kids have ADG and weight records.
​We encourage new breeders to visit established goat operations, find a mentor and enroll in a FAMACHA class before buying goats.
2015 Kids are here, we have a really good crop
this year with a lot of color.
Shellotte Farms ® 1562 Shellotte RoadPall Mall,Tn 38577

I would like to say a special Thank You here to Johnny Lee (4L farm) for helping Steve and I embark on the journey that is now known as Shellotte Farms, for all his help through the years, for JEL Big Country, and most of all for the privilege of Country Boy living out his days here at Shellotte. Thank You! we will miss coming over to talk goat. The goat industry has lost a special breeder.
Just a note and just my opinion:
The Kentucky buck test was canceled in 2012 due to lack of interest (we had 2 bucks entered) - I think that is shameful. Any buck test reveals information about the bucks entered - we cant all forage our goats but we all have parasites, and resistant bloodlines is going to be the key in the future.